making pizza the way
we did at home

As a child, I lived on the East Coast and grew to love East Coast style pizza. As a teen, I moved to the Midwest where I discovered mediocre pizza.

After becoming a father and becoming frustrated with the lack of decent pizza in my area, I began experimenting with pizza recipes at home. After a year of trial and error, I had found the recipe that I was satisfied with and won the approval of my family.

Fast forward a few years when my family and I moved to Beaverton. I was happy with my pizza, but knew if I changed one or two things; it would take the pizza to the next level. Due to the limitations of my oven at home, I began to research wood-fired ovens. A design was found and tweaked to fit my needs. Soon, I had built my first oven. As expected, the high temperatures and seasoned oak gave my pizza the boost I wanted.

taking pizza to
the next level

At Big O’s Pizza we continue making pizza the way I did at home, only on larger scale (and using a much bigger mixer). We are committed to delivering quality product each time, every time.

Ingredients are made from scratch and locally sourced when possible. Big O’s Pizza strives to be environmentally conscious by recycling packaging and composting all vegetable scraps.

–Owen Morehart aka “The Big O”